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Our manifesto


We are a cooperative of farmers, based in the Northwest of France.
We believe in the strength of the group.
Acting together is the best way of supporting the interests of our members.
We declare that our diversity is our opportunity and our versatility an asset for the future.
We are convinced that the complementarity of crops and livestock is a simple and modern solution. It’s a solution for the development of our farms, our territories and our cooperative.
We are determined to support all types of agriculture, all farm models and all production methods.
We believe in the strength that comes from the links between crops and livestock because we are convinced that it contributes to the results of farms in Northwest of France, to the vitality of our territories and that it caters for the food choices of every person.
We are engaged in a different way of thinking and doing these two types of farming.
We are convinced that we practise farming you can trust, which makes a positive contribution to the ecological and agrifood transition. And we are going to measure its positive impacts.
Indeed, these are our deepest and most heartfelt convictions, the ones that move us members and employees.
We have collectively defined a horizon for our cooperative. Today, we set out together on the way towards this horizon.
On this path, we will draw on our common experience and skills to:
  • Make the member experience the driving force behind the development of our cooperative;
  • Develop access to the markets through our competitive and innovative production chains of excellence, through our brands, including La Nouvelle Agriculture®, through BIO and in partnership with our customers;
  • Strengthen the synergies between crops and livestock to contribute to the economic performance of farms, to the food sovereignty of territories and to the ecological transition;
  • Increase the economic and organizational performance of the cooperative for the benefit of future generations of cooperative members.
The complementarity of crops and livestock is a solution for the agrifood and ecological transition. It’s also a new model. We will call this new model Positive Impact Farming. Positive for us, members and employees, for our territories, for our partners and for the whole of society.
We are at the beginning of the path. Many transformations are going to take place in the life of our cooperative over the next 10 years. We are committing to it now, with passion and determination.




Our cooperative project is the result of some fantastic collective work that began in 2020 with The Consultation and that will guide our actions for the next 10 years. This new course is based on a deep-seated conviction: the strength that comes from the links between crops and livestock enhances the results of farms in the Northwest of France. By bringing together and supporting the members of our cooperative on the path towards this goal, we are also making a commitment to contribute to the vitality of our territories and to cater for the food choices of every person. This way we will build the Positive Impacts Farming model together.”


Olivier Chaillou, farmer and President of Terrena



We are determined to sustain for farming, as well as male and female farmers, in our territories. To do this, the women and men of the cooperative invest their passion and determination and make members’ satisfaction the focus of their every action. They expand their markets thanks to the excellence of our production chains, our La Nouvelle Agriculture® brand and differentiation methods such as BIO. They act to strengthen synergies between crops and livestock in territories. They are focused on increasing the operational and economic performance of the cooperative. Our passion and our collective strength are our best means for trying out, moving forward and changing things in the interests of our members and of our stakeholders.”


Alain Le Floch, Managing Director of Terrena