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Terrena Innovation

Each day Terrena takes on the challenge of innovation to develop new farming practices and new technological solutions to allow better and greater production with less.


Created in 2012 and a separate subsidiary of Terrena, its objective is to offer innovative services that are able to respond to the challenges of change in the farming world and widen the range of high-performing AEI solutions offered to its members and then progressively to a wider base.




Key figures

  • 100 Terrena Innovation employees   

  • €3,6 million invested each year in R&D for Ecologically Intensive Farming


  • 8 areas of research to produce more and better with less:

Nutrition and plant protection 

Tools and farm machinery

Animal Health and Nutrition

Water management

Soil conservation





  • 120 Forward Looking Farmers®

The Forward Looking Farmers® are Terrena member farmers who have a taste for innovation and who have chosen to be actively engaged in developing NA Solutions – La Nouvelle Agriculture®.


These farmers, supported by their production technicians, carry out real-situation testing in their farms, of the new solutions in the 8 research areas included in Ecologically Intensive Farming. They then participate actively in promoting them to other farmers.


  • experts dedicated to research and AEI innovation

A team of 7 people made up of engineers and vets, ensure that farming innovation is monitored and work in close collaboration with the cooperative activities towards developing new solutions.


This team is in contact with research organisations, scientific networks, competitiveness clusters as well as internal and external project leaders.  It supports the Forward Looking Farmers® in the implementation of experiments until their validation as NA Solutions – La Nouvelle Agriculture®.