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Terrena, one cooperative, one group, a set of values


Imagine a real cooperation between farmers and consumers

Since its creation in 1887, Terrena has worked in the interests of its farming members. Today, over 22,000 farmers and 12,779 employees make up our cooperative, which is known for its values and economic credibility. To face the new challenges that this century brings, producing more, of better quality, with less, Terrena is committed to an ambitious, unifying, forward-looking strategic project: La Nouvelle Agriculture®.



La Nouvelle Agriculture

  • Our vision

    Our vision

    Our 29,000 farmer members of the cooperative take on the challenge of innovation each day to put into practice La Nouvelle Agriculture.


  • Forward Looking Farmers®

    Forward Looking Farmers®

    Forward Looking Farmers® are farmers who have a taste for innovation and who test, in real-life situations in their farms, new solutions to enable them to produce more and better with less.


  • La Nouvelle Agriculture® Solutions

    La Nouvelle Agriculture® Solutions

    The La Nouvelle Agriculture® Solutions are the fruit of Terrena’s research and innovation. Each of these solutions has been designed to allow farmers to practice Ecologically Intensive Farming.


  • La Nouvelle Agriculture® products

    La Nouvelle Agriculture® products

    La Nouvelle Agriculture® products come from an innovative and transparent agricultural production model, which guarantees the origin and quality of the products, aiming at the best quality / price ratio.


Trusted Brands

Trusted Brands