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Terrena’s economic responsibility towards its members requires constant initiatives to promote the cooperative, create new partnerships, modernise the sectors and optimise competitiveness over all activities.




Laïta, a dairy cooperative in western France, was created in 2009 from merging the dairy activities of Even, Terrena and Triskalia.




The Laïta cooperative, one of the 10 leading dairy cooperatives in Europe, created 5 years ago from the merging of dairy activities by the cooperatives Even, Terrena and Triskalia, pursues a single ambition: to enhance in a sustainable manner, the members’ milk production, in order to contribute to the development and vitality of their regions.


By creating Laïta in 2009, Even, Triskalia and Terrena wanted to unite their dairy activities within a much more structured organisation that was more aggressive in the dairy market. The social capital is divided thus:

  • Even: 50.57%
  • Terrena: 31.01%
  • Triskalia: 18.42%


The headquarters, Laïta’s six industrial sites as well as two associate sites are all situated in western France. The values cultivated by Laïta are those that its founders held dear and have shared for many years. Intimately linked to the cooperative character of the three partners, these values translate the human dimension and strong regional attachment of the company into sustainable development for western France.


To continue to value and develop the great dairy assets of western France, solutions emphasise product quality that is continuously adapting to clients and developing in Europe and further afield.  Laïta has five subsidiaries in England, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain and achieves 15% of its turnover outside of the EU.






ALPM was created in 2012 through the merger of the family-run firm Loeul et Piriot, who possess 60% of the company and the Terrena cooperative with 32% via the contribution of Multilap. The remaining 8% belongs to the financial fund Unigrains.


Consumption of rabbit meat is anchored in the eating habits of French people, as well as the Italians and Spanish, but opportunities exist in Northern and Eastern Europe. In fact, rabbit meat has undeniable benefits, especially due to its nutritional qualities.


To create opportunities for this quality meat, it is necessary to:

  • innovate with new products that meet consumer expectations,
  • ensure traceability along the whole industry process.


It is with this strategy in mind that two major players in this field, Lœul & Piriot and Terrena, came together with the support of Unigrains to create a shared company ALPM (Alliance Loeul & Piriot Multilap). Its objectives are to mobilise the necessary resources, particularly in research and development, while taking into account the main challenges, which are the changes in farming methods and animal well-being.


The new company is made up of:

  • 60% by the Lœul and Piriot families,
  • 30% by Terrena,
  • 10% by Unigrains.