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Our Vision

To make the strength drawn from the links between crops and livestock, in the territories of the Northwest of France, an asset to meet the challenges of the agrifood and ecological transition, through Positive Impacts Farming, creating value for farmers, consumers and citizens.
Positive Impacts Farming is based on a production system that offsets as much as possible the negative impact of its activity on the environment, people and society, and goes beyond just making a positive contribution to these issues, by providing measurements that prove it.

Our mission

To support and bring together farmers in the Northwest region in profitable and sustainable production chains, to build Positive Impact Farming in the interest of farmers, consumers and citizens.

Our aim

To make Positive Impacts Farming a vehicle for change and a solution for the agrifood and ecological transition, to be recognised as a benchmark partner by farmers in the local area, customers and stakeholders.

Our way of doing things

Say, with ambition and simplicity, what we want to do.
Commit, with passion and determination, to do together what we have said we will do.

Our 4 focus areas

  • Make the member experience the driving force behind the development of our cooperative;
  • Develop access to the markets through our competitive and innovative production chains of excellence, through our brands, including La Nouvelle Agriculture®, through BIO and in partnership with our customers;
  • Strengthen the synergies between crops and livestock to contribute to the economic performance of farms, to the food sovereignty of territories and to the ecological transition;
  • Increase the economic and organizational performance of the cooperative for the benefit of future generations of cooperative members.