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Benefiting from our diversity, gaining strength from it, rich from our cooperative values to create the future together… it is the cooperative statutes flowing through Terrena’s veins that result in a respectful governance system.


Terrena’s governance system is based on ongoing discussions that facilitate the relationship between the management of the cooperative and its administrators. The administrators represent the farmers, fix the cooperative’s objectives and monitor the output.


The management committee look after the operational functioning of the Group and are a source of proposals for Group strategy, but the “political” power of decision-making belongs to the partner members, represented by their administrators and president.



A shared decision-making system




The cooperative board

The Terrena Group is managed by a board of directors made up of 25 members, two of which is chosen from among the non-cooperative members.


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The management committee

The Terrena Group management committee is made up of 7 directors.


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