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Our responsibilities

Our cooperative project is both the starting point towards a new model and the materialisation of what we have been aiming at for the last 13 years. A new model, focusing on the satisfaction of our members, based no longer on the commitment of resources but rather on a commitment to proof.
We are engaged in a many transformations that are set to mark out the path of our cooperative over the next 10 years. They are based on the implementation of practices and stances to develop Positive Impact Farming and enable us by 2030 to:
  • Innovate through alternative solutions to chemical inputs to reduce the use of phytosanitary products by 50%;
  • Increase the protein autonomy of farms and local areas thanks to synergies between crops and livestock with the aim to reduce imported proteins by 50%;
  • Increase organic farming surface areas by 35,000 ha;
  • Build a carbon trajectory to aim for carbon neutrality by 2035;
  • Develop with farmers climate change adaptation strategies with a climate adaptation plan for each local area and production chain;
  • Guarantee animal welfare, by developing benchmark livestock production chains with the aim of obtaining the BBFAW Level 2 Animal Welfare certification.
This new model brings us, members and employees together behind a common aim: to make the strength drawn from the links between crops and livestock, in the local areas of the Northwest, an asset to meet the challenges of the agrifood and ecological transition, through Positive Impacts Farming, creating value for farmers, consumers and citizens.