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Animal feed

Terrena is a major player in the world of animal feed (milk, cattle, sheep, goats, pork, laying and meat poultry, rabbits, tube feeding, horses and farmyard animals).



The Group is one of the leading manufacturers of animal feed for breeders in the West of France – with 1,357,846 tonnes of feed sold –, and constantly optimises its production to meet the expectations of both farmers and consumers.


Terrena plays a major role in the global safety of the livestock industry and the performance of breeders, by working jointly on traceability, quality assurance and food safety criteria.



Specialists in Animal Feed, Terrena offers:

  • Animal Feed for all species, conventional and organic
  • Concentrates
  • Premix and additives
  • Technical support (Rationing, Formulation, Analyses)
  • Logistic solutions and different packaging available: 25 kg bags / Big Bags / Bulk
  • Livestock equipment
  • Agricultural equipment