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Corporate Social Responsibility

For Terrena, corporate social responsibility goes hand-in-hand with performance and is organised around 4 areas: economic, environmental, social and societal. An initial report was made on the year 2014.


As a steering tool, it lays out foundations of a plan to measure ongoing improvement. Designed around challenges relevant to Terrena, corporate social responsibility uses the Group’s strategic La Nouvelle Agriculture® project to the maximum.




CSR and La Nouvelle Agriculture, two sides of the same coin

In Terrena’s current and future strategy, corporate responsibility and La Nouvelle Agriculture® are inevitably joined, on a human level as well as on a production level, in both upstream and downstream processes.


We are convinced that Terrena cannot develop in a sustained way without being recognised as a responsible partner by key stakeholders, and that corporate responsibility is not an obligation, but a state of mind that guides all our employees and activities.



Thus, outside of our duty for reporting, we are continuing each day to take original initiatives that are specific to our Group with the aim of improving economic, social, societal and environmental well-being.


Hubert Garaud
Chairman of Terrena