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Our societal responsibility

Civic engagement, social solidarity, changes in production methods and to animal well-being, nutritional improvements… Our cooperative is committed in numerous areas to meeting various societal expectations and affirming a new vision of the agricultural world.



Consolidate our nutritional responsibility

2014 - Ekoranda

In keeping with La Nouvelle Agriculture® solution Profilia, we have implemented, in partnership with Valorex and Sofiprotéol, an extrusion-cooking tool within the animal nutrition factory Ekoranda. 


This process modifies the product’s nutritional profile and improves its effectiveness for the animals. By optimising the quality of their feed, we influence the animals’ metabolism. Thus, the eggs, meat and milk that they produce have a higher-quality nutritional profile.



For this reason, almost 1,000 hectares of linseed have been planted around the Ekoranda site by Terrena members.


In parallel, we are pursuing different projects financed by the French National Research Agency to adapt farming practices and food production to the changes in society.


Encourage animal well-being

We are carrying out work on pork production, in partnership with CIWF (Compassion in World Farming) who is recognised as the leading international NGO dedicated to the well-being of livestock.


The goal of this project is to create a scientifically-validated reference framework with our stakeholders, and include it in a Nouvelle Agriculture® Pork progress plan.


The grid, which is still be drafted, is based on the 5 fundamental principles of animal welfare, defined in 1970 by the Farm Animal Welfare Council, which is the reference on the subject.


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Reduce antibiotics in farming

A “no antibiotics” approach is implemented in rabbit farming.


In 2014, on average 56% of rabbits sold by the group had not been given antibiotics in the fattening phase. The NA – Nouvelle Agriculture® “Ter’Vet” solution offers support and advice from vets to ruminant livestock farms. Six vets currently advise approximately 450 farmers on medicinal questions for their livestock. The reduction in antibiotic use can be discussed during this support process.


Pursue our civic commitments


Terrena a signé le 26 janvier 2015 le renouvellement de la convention de partenariat pour l’insertion en milieu professionnel avec l'association ELI.

Signature entre Terrena et l’association ELI d’une convention de partenariat pour l’insertion en milieu professionnel

Attached to the values of solidarity, one of the four fundamental values of our Group, we engage actively with society.


Our civic struggle rises in particular from the links we have made with humanitarian and charity organisations via actions relating to international solidarity and integration and also with teaching establishments for the employment of young people and development of research.