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Elivia processes and markets beef, pork, veal and lamb for large-scale retail distribution, traditional butchers, institutional and commercial catering.




With 16 sites, Elivia is present in the main production areas and near to major consumption areas, including Northern Europe.


In 2014, Terrena and Dawn Meats confirmed Elivia joint venture plan. Dawn Meats will acquire a 49% equity stake in Elivia with an option to increase to 70% by 2019. Terrena launches an ambitious 3-year capital expenditure programme to modernize Elivia’s production sites and IT.


Quality indicators


Elivia markets a wide range of products distinctive by its quality label offering and quality certifications: Labels rouges (Charolais, Blond d’Aquitaine, Boeuf fermier du Maine, Parthenaise, Veau fermier du Limousin, Agneau laiton de l’Aveyron, etc.), AOC Maine Anjou, Le Bio, etc.


Finally, the D’Anvial brand markets multi-meat products (beef, lamb, pork, veal and soon poultry) rich in omega-3 through the traditional network, including more than 100 butchers.


A trusted brand


Tendre et plus


Recognised for its energy, Tendre Et Plus… puts as much effort into satisfying consumers with its manufactured butchers standard products as into the continuous invention of new products. In a declining market, it is also the leading national brand that has contributed to growth in 2013, with regards to sales of fixed weight fresh meat and minced meat. 


Sourires de campagne


Already very present on the organic segment, Terrena launched “Sourires de Campagne”, its first organic beef brand. Owned jointly by its subsidiary Elivia beef and by Unebio, the Sourires de Campagne brand has more than 2,500 organic breeders who feed their cattle only with the harvests of their farms.


The brand offers a self-service product offering of 14 references (minced meat, specially bred and special barbecue) offering the best butcher characteristics: selection of 3-star quality pieces with maturation of 10 days minimum.


A focus on Nutrition and Health


To reinforce the Tendre Et Plus… brand, Elivia works to eliminate allergens in its production. Artificial flavourings have been substituted with natural flavourings in the cooked range and Elivia is working to increase dietary fibre in certain products. Finally, for each new development, suppliers are required to provide formulations without allergens, without GMOs and to achieve, as much as possible, a ‘clean label’.


Maintaining a high-level of performance


For 9 years, Elivia has been organising each year “SteakExpert” days, bringing together various experts, including international specialists, to share their expertise on E.coli O157:H7. Elivia is today the expert in initiatives to increase trust in the beef market in France. Every year, new technologies are developed that are integrated as part of their quality, technical and managerial framework