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La Nouvelle Agriculture ® : producing better to eat better

Conscious that their health depends on it, the consumer is becoming more and more uncompromising about their food. By making a large number of products from farms available, Terrena is meeting an irreversible and inescapable need of the modern world: to produce more, of better quality, with less.


Pioneering in nature, Terrena cooperative has, since 2008, invested greatly in R&D to innovate and challenge in all areas and has offered its members new production techniques.


Today, this work provides, for each production area, access to innovative techniques implemented by farmers


Establishing a relationship of trust between the farmer and the consumer 


Unanimously recognised in France for the efficiency of its approach to Ecologically-Intensive Farming, Terrena now wishes to achieve 4 fundamental objectives via its strategy NA-La Nouvelle Agriculture®:


  • differentiating ourselves by the quality of agriculture and the benefits of our products,
  • establishing a relationship of trust between the farmer and the consumer, founded on a common interest in health and a love of food,
  • being open to new development opportunities, both nationally and internationally,
  • optimising economic and operational performance in all sectors and creating shared added value.



La Nouvelle Agriculture®, the Farmers’ Brand



La Nouvelle Agriculture® is a consumer brand established by farmer members of the Terrena cooperative and scheduled for launch in April 2017. The brand will initially cover four types of meat, including rabbit, pork, chicken and beef, with a large range of 50 fresh product items available at supermarkets and hypermarkets.




The brand marks the arrival in store isles of a truly new approach to farming, La Nouvelle Agriculture, the fruit of nine intensive years of work.



The aim of La Nouvelle Agriculture is to open a new path for farming. It’s an innovative project for today and tomorrow, one that reconciles nature and progress, and is accessible for most everyone.



La Nouvelle Agriculture is backed by exceptional knowledge of plant and animal life as well as farming practices that are more natural and respectful of humans, animals and the earth. Born of this initiative, the new La Nouvelle Agriculture® brand provides new guarantees for meat quality, animal welfare and environmental preservation.



The symbol of Terrena’s strategic project, the La Nouvelle Agriculture® brand will progressively broaden its range to include new products from Terrena’s other production channels, notably crop farming.