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Ecologically Intensive Farming as a technological foundation

Since 2008, Terrena has had a proactive and ambitious policy for farming innovation based on Ecologically-Intensive Farming (AEI) to offer farmers high-performance solutions allowing them to produce more and better with less. 


Ecologically Intensive Farming (AEI) is a cross-disciplinary approach, a free and open movement that aims to use natural mechanisms in an intense way and seeks to boost the functioning of ecosystems. It progressively allows scientific ecology its place in production methods and enables the development of farming practices that will ensure sustainability and productivity.



The desire of men and women committed to this approach has created a landscape full of successful and collective practices:


  • by relying more on ecological and biological functions of farming ecosystems (labour-free techniques to protect life in the soil, crop combinations, biodiversity, assistants, etc.)
  • by investing in new technologies (satellite navigation, capacitive electrodes, mycorrhization, companion planting, etc.)



AEI1For example, the significant reduction in the use of chemical fertilisers is already a reality thanks to soil conservation and stimulation of life. In livestock, the consideration of the natural behaviour of the animal and progressive improvement to its living conditions contribute to keeping the animal in good health and reducing the use of antibiotics.


All AEI work aims to build the industries of the future based on alternative production methods and audacious progress plans in order to improve the nutritional qualities of food products by taking action from the field to the consumers’ plate.




8 areas of research to produce more and better with less:


picto_AEI1Nutrition and plant protection 

picto_AEI2Tools and farm machinery

picto_AEI3Animal Health and Nutrition

picto_AEI4Water management

picto_AEI5Soil conservation