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Livestock solutions and technologies

Terrena provides a variety of products and services for breeders.




logo - provalProval sells farm machinery (mixers, straw spreaders, muck spreaders, slurry trailers, trailers, haymaking equipment…) and breeding and dairy equipment (automated and rotary parlours).


This Terrena subsidiary advises farmers on how to lay out their cattle buildings (stalls, yoke gates, feed barriers…), and poultry and pig housing (feeding, watering, ventilating, heating, mist spraying). Finally, Proval has real expertise in the field of repairs and maintenance of breeding units.




La Noëlle Environnement



In the heart of the problems relating to animal living conditions and health issues, buildings are intimately linked to animal well-being, a consumer expectation today. The issues are to create buildings which, by their design, respect the animal’s well-being, participate in the healthy condition of the livestock, reduce the impact of sounds and smells, integrate into the landscape and also improve working conditions for the farmer.



ArvalisWith over 20 years experience in managing building projects, Terrena’s subsidiary, La Noëlle Environnement, can manage all the administrative procedures and even undertake project management in order to allow farmers to work in better conditions.


Various cross-disciplinary projects have recently been completed by their teams, which herald the farm buildings of the future (Grand Palace®, dairy herd building for experimental Arvalis station at Chapelle Saint Sauveur (Loire-Atlantique)



As a research office within Terrena Innovation, La Noëlle Environnement has a wide field of intervention, allowing it to support its clients from design, through to building or modernisation of livestock buildings, in domains such as planning permission, impact studies, spreading plans (effluents, sludge from waste water treatment plants), bio-methanization projects and Certiphyto training.