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The Doux brand for export


Doux is the Group’s historical brand on international markets. The major part of export activity is dedicated to the marketing of frozen chickens; the company was a pioneer in this area, having begun the activity in 1961. 




With an unequaled reputation for poultry products in the Middle East (97% product recognition in Saudi Arabia), Africa and the Caribbean, the brand is synonymous with high-quality products.


The Doux brand is the main pillar of the Group’s multi-market strategy that ensures an abundance of openings in over one hundred countries.


On the whole-poultry market, the Doux brand has more than 30% of market share for retail distribution in Saudi Arabia*. 


In 1992, Doux launched the “processed products” activity dedicated to export with Chicken Franks and breaded items. In 2014, one out of every two Chicken Franks sold in Saudi Arabia was under the Doux brand*. 


*Source: Nielsen, whole chicken frozen+fresh segment, April 2015.