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Our cooperative differences: attachment to the land

Statutorily attached to a region, the agricultural cooperative cannot be “taken over”, nor moved to a different location. It takes care of collecting agricultural products, contributes to the animation of local life, to the maintenance and the valuing of rural expertise and to the creation of activities that add value and bring employment to the area (processing factory, research centre, storage centre, logistics platform, etc.).


The cooperative model, by its values and assets, is a universal model, offering the opportunity of working in an alternative way and participating actively in the economic and social development of the region.


Acting for local development

More than 470 sites are located within the Terrena cooperative area, which is situated in the heart of western France’s farming region (Loire, Normandy, Poitou-Charentes and Brittany) – Europe’s leading agricultural zone.



Thanks to this important attachment, Terrena plays an major role in the economic and social development of its local areas and acts for the real economy, by developing and maintaining links with consumers and all stakeholders, close to the farms.


As a major employer in the area, thanks to the diversity of its activities, Terrena also has 63 sites in France and in Europe and is a driver for growth, creating added value and consolidating performance.