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Our cooperative differences: one man, one vote

Since its creation in 1887, Terrena has worked in the interests of its farming members. Today, over 21,000 farmers and 14,000 employees make up our cooperative, which is known for its values and economic credibility.


The Terrena cooperative was created out of a desire by farmers to give value in a sustainable way to their animal and plant productions, to make their regions more dynamic and to share economic growth.


All its activities are founded on the adherence to 7 values of the cooperative:


  • Unrestricted membership
  • Democratic control: one man equals one vote
  • Sharing wealth: distribution pro rata of transactions
  • Valuing people and not capital
  • Intergenerational solidarity through non-availability of reserves
  • Members’ commitment to the local area
  • Political and religious neutrality



A model to benefit all

To be a member of Terrena, a farmer must have his/her farm in the cooperative region. The cooperative organisation is an essential element in deploying the strategic focuses to members.


It is structured around 500 assemblies called “Bassins de vie” (“living areas”), which take place each year with the elected farmers in their geographical area. This decentralised organisation guarantees that people listen and are responsive in decisions.


Attached to their land and their cooperative values, Terrena’s men and women have combined their energy to share their expertise and capacity for innovation with the company, making quality products from their farms accessible to the largest possible number of consumers.



Pascal Ballé, farmer in la Selle-Craonnaise (53)



Brigitte Baudusseau, farmer in Grez-Neuville (49)