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Standard or certified poultry meat, ‘Label Rouge’ poultry, and also guinea fowl, turkeys, ducks, etc. : Terrena endeavours to restore poultry production to its former glory, making the animals’ well-being the centre of the production process. This is an ambitious goal, which requires technical, economic and financial support when undertaking projects with producers.



Premium poultry – Fermiers d’Ancenis

Logo Fermier d'AncenisThe excellence of Ancenis’ poultry reflects the high standard in hygiene conditions and the strict application of rules on breeding free-range poultry. This approach has already been rewarded with a ‘Golden Chicken’ award, which recognises breeders who place importance on animal welfare. The ‘Farm Confidence Environmental Quality norm – NF V 01 007’ certification has also been awarded. The Fermiers d’Ancenis and its 367 producers are alone in meeting its requirements in France







Indoor poultry

Val'ianceVal’iance offers a multi-production option: chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl and ducks. Val’iance also provides technical support as well as advice on finance and economic forecasting to producers who wish to undertake projects. 






Fattened poultry

Terrena Group partners with 2 national leaders: Delpeyrat and Euralis Gastronomie. The duck sector is mainly French, with 90% of production and 80% of consumption from within France.