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Cérience, the agronomist seed producer

Cérience was born from the merger of Terrena semences and Jouffray-Drillaud, two Terrena entities, the first French polyculture and mixed livestock agricultural cooperative.


This strategic merger makes Terrena a leader in the production of maize, vegetables, fodders, cereals and legumes seeds.


This merger fits perfectly with Terrena’s agricultural project of progress through the research and development of seeds and solutions that reconcile respect for life with progresses resulting from increased knowledge and contributions of new technologies.


Its activities are divided into 3 hubs :


The seed production is one Cérience’s historic business. Nowadays, we are working with a network of 1,500 growers.
We offer our breeders and seed customers a mastery of the field production of many species (maize, cereals, protein crops, vegetables, fodder…). We adapt to their specifications and we commit to the quality and security of the genetics of their seeds. 3 industrial sites and 2 certified laboratories take part in the production of more of 55.000 tons of seeds per year. Besides this production activity, Cérience offers a complete range of seed production services: transformation, techno-seeds, packaging and logistic.


One of the main things making Cérience standing out is its know-how as a breeder, in particular in the area of fodders, cover crops and alfalfa – Cérience has more than 180 plant variety certificates. Cérience also ensures the marketing of its seeds with the agricultural distribution. At a time of a major transformation in our agricultural model, we want more than ever to share our solutions for a modern, committed and responsible agriculture.


Research, development and/or marketing the solutions about agricultural production are Cérience’s third main area of expertise. Techno-seeds, adjuvants, biocontrol, bio stimulants and inoculum are taking part in the development of alternative solutions intended to crop protection and nutrition.




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