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Seeds and nutrition plant health

Terrena has a leading role in France for producing fodder seeds, grasses and a large number of special species with high ecological value in terms of the environment.





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As a Terrena subsidiary, this seed specialist and producer of fodder crop seed and grass seeds, sell seeds for animal feed and field crops… They are the leading producer of fodder crop and grass seeds and a good number of species that are of strong ecological interest. Jouffray Drillaud produces, for example, dactylis, leguminous plants, lupin, alfalfa, sorghum, corn, sunflower, clover, vetch seeds… Its renowned expertise has enabled it to strengthen its position on a national level.




Leadership driven by innovation


Jouffray- Drillaud centres its Research & Development on areas of investigation that will provide sustainable innovation: bio-protection, bio-nutritional and bio-control products, extemporaneous additives.  Its plant health sector is also very active, being engaged especially in the development of additive and bioscience ranges. The development of these new products is based on partner resources in active substances, innovative screening methods, a network of multi-local experimentation and an expertise in certification.




Terrena Semences


Terrena is one of France’s leaders in seed multiplication. Its activity is grouped around four main areas of production: vegetables and flowers, forage crops, cereals and protein crops, maize.


In the heart of Anjou, Terrena’s seed activity benefits from the exceptional region to strengthen its position as a multi-species producer.


Support in the creation of the desired areas (production in open fields or under cover), complete tracking of production… for cooperative members profitability and progress are available, thanks to technical and agronomical support from Terrena.


Terrena Semences also benefit from:


Each year, Terrena Semences offers over 300 varieties for production to their producers. Some producers participate in the improvement of soil fertility (for example, alfalfa naturally enriches the soil with nitrogen), enriching the structure of the soil and thus facilitation the planting of subsequent crops.