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Terrena cooperative to develop own brands in a major strategic shift

Terrena, France’s leading multi-sector farming cooperative with more than €5 billion in annual sales, has accelerated its growth strategy by launching two new brands and robustly redeploying the Père Dodu® brand, acquired during the takeover of Doux in 2016.



Terrena’s Chief Executive Officer Maxime Vandoni said, “We are announcing a major strategic shift today, with the development of our own brands to advance up the value chain for the benefit of our growers and producers, while making affordable, high quality meat for consumers. These 100%-French brands, which we are either launching, i.e. La Nouvelle Agriculture® and Sourires de Campagne®, or re-inventing, Père Dodu®, will give us a presence in all segments and enable us to meet the needs of consumers wherever they are found.”  



Three brands to meet the needs of all consumers



La Nouvelle Agriculture® is a consumer brand established by farmer members of the Terrena cooperative and scheduled for launch in April 2017. The brand will initially cover four types of meat, including rabbit, pork, chicken and beef, with a large range of 50 fresh product items available at supermarkets and hypermarkets.


The brand marks the arrival in store isles of a truly new approach to farming, La Nouvelle Agriculture, the fruit of nine intensive years of work.


The aim of La Nouvelle Agriculture is to open a new path for farming. It’s an innovative project for today and tomorrow, one that reconciles nature and progress, and is accessible for most everyone.


La Nouvelle Agriculture is backed by exceptional knowledge of plant and animal life as well as farming practices that are more natural and respectful of humans, animals and the earth. Born of this initiative, the new La Nouvelle Agriculture® brand provides new guarantees for meat quality, animal welfare and environmental preservation.


The symbol of Terrena’s strategic project, the La Nouvelle Agriculture® brand will progressively broaden its range to include new products from Terrena’s other production channels, notably crop farming.



Terrena’s poultry division, Galliance, announced its intention to make Père Dodu® the preferred poultry brand of families and youths, following the acquisition of the Doux Group in 2016.


Accordingly, Père Dodu® has just been re-launched to encompass a full range of poultry products, from fresh to processed raw and cooked poultry.


A major French food brand for over 50 years with strong brand recognition, Père Dodu® will benefit from significant investment in innovation and marketing. In the first half of 2017, 17 new product references will be launched, with a focus on the gourmet and easy-to-cook segments, fresh poultry, turkey and processed raw products, as well as eight new products in the snack and breaded segments.



Already very active in the organic food sector, Terrena in February launched Sourires de Campagne®, its first organic beef brand. Jointly owned by the Group’s Elivia beef subsidiary and Unebio, the Sourires de Campagne® brand is supplied by over 2,500 organic beef growers, who feed their livestock solely with harvests from their farms.


The brand offers 14 self-serve, ground-beef, beef cuts and special barbecue products with the highest beef production specifications, including three-star quality cuts selection and a minimum 10-day maturation process.