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Terrena Semences and Jouffray-Drillaud companies are getting closer and merging to become a single company: Cérience.



Terrena Semences and Jouffray-Drillaud companies are getting closer and merging to become a single company: Cérience.


This name has a strong meaning as its roots come from the Roman mythology, with Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture, harvest and fertility.


But this isn’t the only meaning. Through its ending, Cérience is resonating with experience and science; the experience of men and women passionate about their jobs and science, a synonym of innovation and solution.


Cérience, the agronomist seed producer


This brand signature perfectly symbolizes our ambition to become a key player in agricultural transformation – a transformation based on some sustainable solutions and on an agronomic approach. The motto the agronomist seed producer also symbolizes the values of our corporate culture. They are expressed through 4 commitments:


Today, we all want Farming to be productive, competitive, eco-friendly and sustainable. Farming which provides food to the global population while preserving the soil and our planet and sustaining farms.


But saying it is not worthy enough and action is essential too. And we have been acting for many years.


As pioneers, we have launched innovation programms and thanks to our research and production teams turned them into real successes that benefit all.


Because the solutions we worked on yesterday meet today’s needs for a sustainable performance and because the solutions we will working on tomorrow will meet the next challenges Farming will face.


We believe that only a new agronomic approach will allow Farming to develop sustainably. Legumes, cover crops, seed technologies, bioinputs, biocontrol, etc…


We leverage all this new R&D fields to provide farming and agricultural sectors with alternative solutions, sources of decisive progress for the people and our environment.


Our agronomic approach is human-oriented and cutting-edge. We believe in progress and in people who, through the power of their ideas and their willingness to move forward collectively are in a position to meet the challenges and support and support the transition to the tomorrow’s farming world.


Its activities are divided into 3 hubs :


The seed production is one Cérience’s historic business. Nowadays, we are working with a network of 1,500 growers.
We offer our breeders and seed customers a mastery of the field production of many species (maize, cereals, protein crops, vegetables, fodder…). We adapt to their specifications and we commit to the quality and security of the genetics of their seeds. 3 industrial sites and 2 certified laboratories take part in the production of more of 55.000 tons of seeds per year. Besides this production activity, Cérience offers a complete range of seed production services: transformation, techno-seeds, packaging and logistic.


One of the main things making Cérience standing out is its know-how as a breeder, in particular in the area of fodders, cover crops and alfalfa – Cérience has more than 180 plant variety certificates. Cérience also ensures the marketing of its seeds with the agricultural distribution. At a time of a major transformation in our agricultural model, we want more than ever to share our solutions for a modern, committed and responsible agriculture.


Research, development and/or marketing the solutions about agricultural production are Cérience’s third main area of expertise. Techno-seeds, adjuvants, biocontrol, bio stimulants and inoculum are taking part in the development of alternative solutions intended to crop protection and nutrition.




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