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The Poultry Division of Terrena becomes Galliance

Six months after the takeover of Doux Group by Terrena, the Poultry Division created by the addition of Doux and Gastronome, the historical subsidiary of the cooperative, becomes Galliance.


The new name will now embody the ambition of Terrena for poultry and allows the industry to assert its identity and its strategy around three axis:



Galliance with a revenue of €1.3 billion, employs 6,000 employees and promotes the production of more than 1,400 farmers, is organized into four divisions:



To make Galliance a strong player in the poultry sector, Terrena is to start an investment plan that will lead to doubling its historic commitment to the equivalent of €50 million per year for three years. This plan includes the construction of a new slaughterhouse in Ancenis (44) in the West of France for all premium poultry but also major efforts in R&D to renew the offer for export markets. Finally, it includes a stronger presence of the Père Dodu brand in supermarkets in both processed products and chilled raw products.


As is indicated by Hubert Garaud, president of Terrena: “In a particularly difficult environment for the agricultural world, we want to invest to provide sustainable opportunities for our producers. We want to build through innovation and quality, a creative poultry value chain, able to defend the positions of French poultry producers on the European and world market. “