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Viticulture at Terrena is a matter of passion, terroir, innovation and quality. Nestled in the heart of the Loire Valley,  the cooperative produces a wide range of wines from sparkling wines to still wines.







The leading producer of Loire Wines, Orchidées Maison de vin enjoys a long history that began in 1811. Today the company has given the Loire Wines a new reputation for both vins de pays and appellations contrôlées (sparkling wines, still wines, reds, whites and rosés) in France and on the international markets.








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LVVD (Loire Viti Vini Distribution) is the leading specialist distributor in the wine sector from Touraine to the Atlantic coast.


In its seven retail spaces that are reserved exclusively for wine-growing professionals (wine-growers, wine-growers cooperatives, wine dealers, cellar masters), from the Chinonais to the Côtes de Grand Lieu, LVVD offers products and services for vineyard management (plant health, plant nutrition and vine tying).






Alliance Loire


981_ALLIANCE_LOIRE_webAlliance Loire is responsible for marketing within the framework of a cooperative partnership that includes seven Val de Loire organisations