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Organic farming

Terrena works with some 1200 organic producers, covering a wide range of products for which the Group manages collection and processing.


Since 1977, Terrena has been a major partner for producers who have chosen organic farming. The cooperative offers the widest range of possible biological productions:



Almost 1200 producers benefit from added value: processing tools made available by Terrena. With five abattoirs (poultry, pork, beef / sheep), an animal nutrition plant, a mill, a processing plant for organic lupin, three grain silos and a winery, Terrena is developing these sectors in harmony with market demands.


Terrena has planted large areas of organic arable crops (wheat, corn, broad beans, lupin beans, peas, soya, for example) for its flour trade and for breeding units to feed animals with local traceable and safe products. Through its ‘organic farming’ committee, the producers actively decide on development in this sector.