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La Nouvelle Agriculture® Solutions

Terrena’s first duty is to help farmers make changes in production methods by setting up techniques based on innovation.


An NA – La Nouvelle Agriculture Solution® satisfies five main criteria. It:


  • preserves or improves the technical and economic performance of the farm,
  • limits the use of non-renewable and chemical inputs through alternatives based on natural functionalities, and new technology,
  • works towards a measurable control of environmental impact,
  • is based on innovation,
  • is tested by Forward Looking Farmers®.



There are 33 NA – La Nouvelle Agriculture® Solutions. These solutions focus on all areas of research  (nutrition and plant protection, tools and farm machinery, animal health and nutrition ; water management, soil conservation, biodiversity ; biomass, buildings).



Discover 3 examples among the 33 La Nouvelle Agriculture® Solutions:



Cut down water use


NILEA : Cut down water use 

A decision support tool to monitor individual plot maize irrigation, Niléa shows you, in real time, changes soil moisture at different depths.


It helps to calculate the date on which irrigation starts and the quantity to apply throughout the crop life cycle.

Reduction in mass disease


TER’VET : Reduction in mass disease

Ter’vet is a veterinary support and advice scheme to understand, foresee and prevent the impact that mass pathologies on ruminants (respiratory, digestive, mammary, etc.) can have on income and meat and milk production.


This approach encourages investment in sanitary conditions on the farm and a more well thought out use of medicine.

Fuel consumption savings of up to 20%


ECO-CONDUITE BY GENERIUM : Fuel consumption savings of up to 20%

Eco-conduite by Générium is a two-day, practical and theoretical training course aimed at reducing fuel consumption:


  • a driving workshop, transport simulator,
  • GPS guidance demonstrations, time on the test bench and field-mapping optimization simulations,
  • attachment advice, tyre pressure, ballasting, engine speed, servicing and fuel quality,
  • discussion around the interest of new technology : gear box, Power Take Off, pollution reduction systems