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Père Dodu, a key brand since 1965


Created by a poultry breeder from Brittany in 1965, Père Dodu has continued development over several generations by capitalizing on product quality and customer confidence. 


In fifty years, Père Dodu has moved from the position of poultry supplier to that of product creator to offer consumers a choice that is increasingly varied and that now includes chicken and cheese escalopes, Nuggets, Crousty Croc’.


Developed with simplicity and pleasure in mind, Père Dodu products are easy to prepare and provide tasty nutrition for the entire family, with product lines for all ages.


Père Dodu is the historical leader on the fresh-breaded market in France and now has a market share of 42% (Source: Iri, CAM P10 2015) and an exceptional brand recognition rate of 88.8% (Source: IPSOS). With over 530 employees, including a sales force of 40, the company provides tasty products for eight million household purchasers through retail leaders and also meets the needs of the restaurant and catering industry through the Père Dodu Restauration offer. 


Continuing innovation and strong quality commitments


As the leader in its category, Père Dodu constantly works toward the evolution of its product range. For this reason, the work of company teams (and in particular, Research and Development) is absolutely essential. 


Guided by a desire to anticipate the needs of clients and consumers, Père Dodu pursues four goals:

  • provide Père Dodu consumers with the best products, from both an organoleptic and nutritional point of view;
  • adopt the Clean Label approach – 100% of Père Dodu products in France are guaranteed free of palm oil and flavor enhancers;
  • be an active innovator – between 130 and 150 new products and concepts are developed each year;
  • actively respond to the requests of brand clients.


For all processed products, Père Dodu selects the finest raw materials from its partners and ensures very strict quality criteria, while working toward the continuous improvement of production processes. Père Dodu products for the French market are prepared mainly at the La Vraie Croix site, which has been certified IFS (International Food Standard) since 2010. Père Dodu is one of the largest employers in the Morbihan department.


Through an approach based on innovation, listening to customers and following the highest quality, nutrition and health criteria, Père Dodu has successfully launched two recent products: “Palets Fromagers” (made with goat cheese, Emmenthal, etc.) and “Crousti Tenders”.